Friday, January 15, 2010

That's Golf

After my therapy appointment today I thought I'd calm the swirling thoughts in my head by playing nine holes at the Rancho 3 Par. Bad idea, as it turned out. On the course that I nearly parred two days ago, I could not find a single green in regulation, could not make a putt and could not quiet my thoughts. I was 10 over.

Discombobulated and not wanting to leave on that note (particularly after using my new Nike Method putter to little effect), I told the starter that I'd like to go around again, since my round was not nearly what I had hoped it would be. He said knowingly and with the appropriate amount of sympathy in his voice, "That's golf." I paid my $7.50 (on Fridays, the price jumps 50 cents), then tried to put that first round behind me.

I missed a four-foot par putt on the first and a two-foot par putt on the second (should have pulled the pin and acted as though the shot mattered), but other than that, I played much, much better, hitting four greens this time, being pin high four other times, making the rest of the putts from reasonably makeable distances and effectively erasing the frustrations of the first round.

Calm the head, and the body will follow. And I think that the converse can also be true.

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