Friday, January 29, 2010

A Different Path

Before I went to the dentist, hoping not to have a root canal (the jury's still out), I hit The Lakes at El Segundo again. Unlike the other day, when nearly every meaningful putt fell, this round not a single putt of more than three feet fell. I lipped out on the first, lipped out on the five-foot birdie putt on the second, and then I lost confidence that I was reading the greens well. I overplayed every break.

I hit the ball better this round, even attempting to go for the green on both par 4s (with mixed results: I was boxed in under a tree, resulting in a double on the 4th but found a path to the pin on the 9th, which I parred). The course played totally different, since the tee boxes were way up (where I hit a 4 iron the other day, I hit a 7 today), and all in all, it is a great challenge. One of the holes is so short—but demands a touch shot that must negotiate bunkers like moats on either side of the green—that it presents the opportunity to practice tricky shots that are difficult to practice elsewhere. I like the course.

And I like the fact that I read more of the how-to-publish book, submitted one of my racy stories to a publisher of erotica, then added 775 words to Exit Wound. I even resolved a plot issue that I didn't even know needed resolving. Voila!

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