Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Less-Great Day

Woke early and decided to head for the 3-Par course before the football started. My mistake, never to be repeated, was trying to play golf without having first had my coffee. At least that's my excuse for shooting my worst round ever on that course, 13-flippin-over on a course I just missed shooting par on a couple weeks ago, one on which I shot no worse than four-over on for five consecutive rounds. I only made two pars today and only hit about four good shots.

However, instead of despairing (at least over that), I take heart in the fact that the pro Shane Bertsch shot a 62 the other day in the Hope, only to follow it up three days later with a 77. So I am not alone in my inconsistency. Though I'd like someday to be so inconsistent as to shoot a 62.

I did not add to Exit Wound today, and I feel bad for not having done so, but I blobbed out a National Parks column, so the day wasn't a total wash.

I should have sent emails to women on, but I buckled there, too. With my horrendous track record on that front, however, my ambivalence is understandable.
At least it is right now.

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