Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Blahs

I felt blue most of the day, couldn't do much more than identify photos to accompany the last travel feature I wrote. The blahs had me, and the enthusiasm with which I began the new year waned. Practically none of the friends that I mentioned my blog to even bothered to visit it, which made me admit how difficult it is to make a dent in the world at large if I can't even make a dent in my tiny little world.

So instead of continuing to beat myself up for not being able to produce the words I had hoped to produce today, I headed to the Rancho Park Par-3 course, tried to put myself in the zone, then smoothly dropped my first wedge from 98 yards 12 feet from the pin. I missed the birdie putt, but I then lofted my next wedge from 100 yards to 6 feet, then slipped the birdie putt in the side door. My well-struck 7 iron on the next hole settled on the fringe (the greens on this course are smaller than on any other course I've seen, so it's possible to hit a good shot but still not be on). I then choked on a 3-foot par putt. I played only okay from there on out, ending up 7 over. But it was a good solid start, felt peaceful to be outside, and I got out of my head for a while.

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  1. I remember a friend looking at me in dumbstruck amazement, after I'd waxed on (and perhaps, on and on) about the big questions of LIFE, and she said, "You think too much. You need to play golf more."
    She might have been on to something...