Saturday, January 16, 2010


After drinking coffee and reading the paper, I decided to spend an hour practicing, so I bought a warm-up bucket (20 balls), practiced putting first with my new Nike Method putter (I putted well, though I'm not sure I'm as good as I was with the Cobra), then took a few warm-up swings before I broke out the Victory Red Hybrid #3 for the first time.

Like my Warrior hybrid, it is severely pronated, so I have to play it way back in my stance so that I don't wildly hook it. But the contact seemed very good, and the balls I hit straight seemed to be 200 yards or more. I'll have to hit a small bucked just with that club to see if I can tame the shots.

Then there's the TaylorMade R9. I know it's supposed to be a far better club than my Cleveland driver, and I know the pros use it and a whole lot of other people do. But I have to play it so far back in my stance for me even to have any hope of not hooking it that it feels awkward. I think it's time to tinker with the adjustments. If I set it towards the slice position, then set the ball more forward, perhaps that will allow me to feel comfortable in my stance, then deliver straight drives. Otherwise, it's a good, expensive club that serves no purpose.

I wrote the golf-equipment round-up story, a total of 650 words. I really hope I get more than a token $100 for it.

I also think it's time to tinker with the new Mizuno wedges. I think the lofts are goofy, but the clubs feature the latest technology, so I should see if they benefit me. If I replace my traditional sand wedge with the 60 degree, I can put the 54 in my bag and keep the wedge I'm already comfortable and fairly proficient with. Though maybe I should check the loft on that so I know what I'm talking about.

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