Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Steps

The two hours I spent sending queries ultimately proved to be futile, either
because the magazines weren't interested in the Kauai pitch or because the emails wouldn't even go through.

But there was a positive development: The editor of Orange Coast Magazine, Martin J. Smith, also happens to have written three novels and published other books. In a couple back-and-forths, he gave some good suggestions about how to try to promote my book of short stories and gave me some perspective on Exit Wound. I just ordered his first novel from Who knows, maybe he'd be willing to give Exit Wound a read when I've finished it. And, to that end, I passed the 40,000-word mark tonight, approaching the 200th page (though I'm sure that if it was printed in Times, rather than in Courier, it would be closer to 160).

And, in the name of striking while the iron is cold, I sent off 18 of my columns as samples, hoping that the syndication possibility that went nowhere last year goes somewhere this year. And I completed the introductory exercises in The Shortest Distance between You and a Published Book. I think I'm going to go with the title: America & Me, since it allows for a lot more free camping options.

Although I did not practice golf today, I did walk about five miles, and I will now do the slow-swing drill that Harvey Penick recommends to groove one's swing by teaching muscle memory. Then I will likely collapse, because I was awakened early this morning (after having gone to bed very late) by an elderly woman trying to reach Robert Sean Leonard, because she saw him on tv and wanted to congratulate him on his show. The fact that she does not know him, the fact that his show, House, has been on for about seven years and the fact that my name is not Robert and, therefore, should never have been given to the lady requesting the number for Robert Sean Leonard all were irrelevant to the woman. As was the fact that she woke me.
It proved to be a productive day anyway. But I'm turning my ringer off tonight, just in case she wants to congratulate Sugar Ray Leonard on his Olympic medal.

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  1. Hey Sugar Ray!
    You're inspiring me to get off my butt and just take a step toward anything. My plan? Go to my yoga class right now, return and write for two hours on my memoir piece. If we keep putting it out into the world, something is going to/has to stick.
    Keep on...