Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Tour

I'm excited because early tomorrow I'll be heading out to the Palm Springs
area to attend the Bob Hope Classic. My friend, Scott Martin, who now caddies for PGA Tour pro Richard S. Johnson, is giving me a tournament pass, so I'll attend as many days of the five-day tournament as I can, while fitting in at least two, and preferably three, rounds of golf (on Tahquitz and the Classic Club, at a minimum), maybe going cross-country skiing at the top of the tram and perhaps going hiking.

The catch, however, is that a series of severe storms has hit Southern California and will continue to do so for the rest of the week. But, since I'm a writer of an adventure column, I should be able to make something funny out of disaster, should it come to that. Though I'd prefer birdies and pars.

I gave my father my old hybrid, Cobra putter and 60-degree wedge, so I've committed to my new equipment. To that end, I chipped 6o balls with my Mizuno 60 degree and really liked the results. Then I putted for the first time with my Nike Method putter with the new very-thick handle I had put on it, and the first few rolls worried the hell out of me, since my putts were far too long, and those that weren't long, I pulled severely. I managed, however, to figure things out, though, then sunk three putts of more than 20 feet in the next few minutes. So I'm feeling good on that front.

And now I must pack for my trip.

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