Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gathering Momentum

An hour of chipping with a lob wedge, a wedge and a 7 iron, followed by a half hour of putting prepared me for tomorrow's round, I hope. My plan is to play the round at Buenaventura as though I'm in a tournament, no improved lies, no mulligans and no gimmes. I intend to use the round to establish a handicap.

More important than the golf practice, however, is the fact that I had my first legitimate writing session on Exit Wound in a long, long time. I wrote 1275 words, and I think I worked my way out of the plotting stagnation that had caused me to cringe every time I hoped to sit down to work on the novel. I'm hoping the momentum continues.

Of course, I didn't write the story about the Alabama Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail that I intended to write, but I think the rule I will try to follow this year is: Writing is writing. Don't be too particular about what kind it is, so long as I produce plenty of words. Some of them may even be worth reading.

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