Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stiff Upper Lip

More of the same, really, though I managed to get through my to-do list, which included submitting stories to a writing competition, dealing with photos, a couple errands and calling various bankruptcy attorneys. Yup, it looks as though it's come to that.

Finished reading Time Release by Martin J. Smith: a damned excellent read, and a truly superb first novel, a thriller that for some reason has not been made into a movie. When I write him tomorrow to say how much I enjoyed his book, I'll ask him if anyone has tried to turn it into a script. Not that I'm nominating myself for the job, since I've had even less success on that front than with prose.

Today was kind of a metaphorical rainout on the golf front, since all I did was watch a few of the Top Ten Pebble Beach Highlights (curse you, Tom Watson!), and I will now sit down with Golf Digest.

As Kilgore so presciently stated in Apocalypse Now: Someday this war is gonna end.

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