Friday, February 5, 2010

On the Bag

After nearly five hours searching for photos, sorting photos and cursing photos and the lack thereof, I was grateful for the chance to watch a few minutes of the Northern Trust Open, then have dinner with my friend Scott Martin, who will soon caddy for Notah Begay, temporarily for now but maybe more down the road.

In addition to finding Scott to be an unbelievably nice guy (more important, he is also a good guy), I really enjoy hearing him tell stories about caddying, what the players are like, which ones are notorious for which peccadilloes, etc. I'm sure his upbeat temperament serves him well, and he seemed less upset about his being let go last week than I am. I know who I now hope misses the cuts (since I don't like friends being treated shabbily), and my second favorite player is now Notah (but still pulling for ya, Phil!).

Since I hadn't heard back from one woman on who expressed herself well in her profile, I emailed another one who also had a penchant for prose (and who was better looking than the first). I do this just so that I get rejected from a good class of women.

And I also signed up for the Malibu Country Club golfing/meet-and-greet Valentine's Day event. And a woman I know in Alberta wants to set me up with an outdoorsy woman who lives here in L.A. So at least there is hope.

To that end, I hope I find a better therapist than the inattentive one I let go yesterday. I'm kind of guessing that being a good listener is a prerequisite for the job.

And I hope I add to Exit Wound tomorrow as I plan to, especially since it will be raining, and my practicing of this little game we call golf will have to wait.

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