Monday, February 15, 2010

Brownian Motion

The broad strokes are these: I awoke to an email from "the" ex, an email that contained nothing but a link to a Canadian pharmaceutical company. She and I have had no communication for five months, and, although she still wafts through my thoughts and incites fits of anger in me, she has been progressively fading into the recesses of my mind, and someday I may be able to look back and see the good times the two of us had together. Both of them.

I responded to her perplexing email with a "Huh?," and she replied that her address book had been hijacked by a spammer, the link to cheap Viagra being sent to everyone with whom she has ever had contact. Then she wrote that she had thought of calling me hundreds of times but thought I might prefer that she not. I let her know that the last few conversations that we had had were tremendously one-sided, and that I felt a bit like a chump, listening and consoling and encouraging and inspiring, without so much as a "and how are you?"

Of course, she has not responded.

My day has been that kind of discombobulated, having to fend off a junkie who decided to insinuate himself into my van, trying to do a good turn for my cousin that proved simply to be futile and waiting to hear back from "the" ex.

My only golf-related activity was finally going on record about The Philanderer by posting a comment on The Second Golfer. I did, however, complete the full 92 minutes of Yoga X, managing to fake a few poses that I would not even attempt previously. When I finished, drenched in sweat and invigorated, I felt less concerned about a response and tried to usher things towards my mind's recesses.

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