Monday, February 1, 2010

To Flip or Not to Flip

After sending out queries and adding 1,100 words to my story about the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama, I decided to practice golf a little. I think I've made a complete transition to the thick handle on my Nike Method putter, since the putts
were dancing around the holes from distance and falling from eight feet in.

Then I decided to compromise while chipping: Since the 60-degree wedge
lofts balls nicely but leaves little margin for error, I opted to try
my Mizuno 56-degree for the first time around the chipping green. The
results were fairly good, and I began to have a feel for the club,
even developing confidence in it there for a while.

Then I made a stupid error: I decided to try a flip shot, just for kicks,
then another and another, and the shots I had been hitting before, with no hinge
in the wrists, suddenly looked bad, since one flip shot after another lofted
nicely, then rolled gently towards its target. Except, of course, for the flip
shots that I sculled across the green. In other words, confusion reigns, and I
should probably stick with what I know: mediocrity.

I restarted the exercise program called P90X, which I think was invented
to torture prisoners in Guantanamo (oh, sorry, America doesn't torture,
and those people locked up for years without due process aren't, of course,
prisoners; they're enemy combatants). Anyway, I started the Lean option,
which is slightly less intense than the Marquis de Sade version that is
the standard P90X. Even so, I sucked wind hard, and my muscles will ache
like hell. But who knows, maybe I'll add distance to my drives.

Now if only P90X could do something for my accuracy.

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