Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Dreaded Five-Putt

After spending nearly an hour and a half yesterday trying to transfer photos from my camera to my computer (something is seriously wrong), I gave up and decided I needed to head to Costco to get the RTJ Golf Trail images transferred to disc so that I could send it off.

While the disc was being burned, I played nine at The Lakes. With both wrists bandaged and while wearing a back brace and hoping that the part of my back not braced would hold up, I stood on the first tee, then chunked my wedge 20 feet. On the third hole, I hit a solid 6-iron to the green, leaving me with about a 60-foot putt. In not such short order, I picked up so as not to 5-putt. The irony of me missing the 10-foot birdie putt on the second and the six-foot birdie putt on the eighth is that for the first time at The Lakes, I hit the practice putting green before I played, and I rolled the ball tremendously, burning the cup on seven of the 10 putts I hit ... a variation on "leaving it on the range," I suppose.

I'm not exactly confident about the blind-date/golfing gig on Sunday, not since the greens at Malibu Country Club are as tough as any I've played. What I need now, on various fronts, is some blind luck.

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  1. did I miss the blind date/golfing gig post before? I don't remember reading about it. Details please. Or should I just wait until it's over?